Welcome to Gods Way to Health

       Chefs Jeff and Nancy Riedesel

Welcome to our site.

We hope that you will find it informative and interesting and that it will stimulate your desire to seek better ways to improve your health – in mind, body and spirit.

As you journey through our website, you will pick up ideas on how to eat healthier, simpler, and with less expense.

You will find out about the many benefits of including more raw food into your diet, sample recipes from our collections in our first cookbook,

This Is Not Your Mother’s Cookbooka very popular ‘bridge’ from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to God’s Ultimate diet, having about 50% raw recipes. You will also find links to many helpful websites, and beneficial kitchen appliances and gadgets that make cooking in the raw more fun and easy.

You will also see information on our second book, Livin’ Raw & Rarin’ to Go. This book is filled with:

* A plethora of information on over 200 simple Raw & Living Recipes
* Quotable Quotes
* Spiritual Guidance
* Stories of our Lives
* Basic Laws of Health
* Nutritional Information
* and Just Plain Good Stuff!

Check out our Personal Chef page for information on having us into your home to teach you or cater for you. Our Cooking Schools page tells how to get us to your area to conduct an exciting raw vegan cooking.

Our Ten Simple Signposts page is a journey to good health by following the simple steps that have been outlined for us by inspired writing. Check it out only if you want to make a positive difference in your health.

Be sure to browse through our Health Education section where you will understand what we do and why.

Check out our Fresh Ideas From Our Kitchen unCooking Schools page to see how to get us to come to your area and put on a fun and informative seminar.

We’ll be adding delicious recipes to our Recipe page, so keep coming back for more.

Would you like a boost to your Spiritual Health and a kickstart to your day? Open that our Spiritual Journey page to some interesting and uplifting information from many sources. It will be updated often.

For more information, see our Contact Us page.


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