Personal In-home Chefs

(Photograph by Nicole Warren)

Personal In-home Chefs to train you or cook for you

Tired of not knowing what to cook or how to prepare a healthy raw/living foods meal for you and your family; or are you having a dinner party and don’t know what to fix?

Chefs Jeff and Nancy will come to your home and teach you how to make simple, nutritious, easy to prepare foods that will dazzle the taste buds of your family or guests. Their ideas are endless and they make learning fun.

You have the option of hiring them to cater a meal for you, or to teach you how to make your own. They are available in the NW Arkansas area for personal consultation, training, or catering a small group.

If you live far away, they are also willing to travel to your home, stay with you, and teach you how to set up your own raw food kitchen, prepare healthy, gourmet, and/or simple raw food meals, and show you how to save money while eating a healthier diet.

Catering small functions is fun for us as we prepare all vegan and raw foods in an attractive way to make your mouths water. We have done birthday parties, weddings and gatherings and amaze the guests with how tasty raw and vegan foods can be. They tend to feel good when they leave as they are not overloaded with heavy processed foods. It’s a great idea!

Please contact Jeff and Nancy for more information.


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