Our Health Education Overview

What is Health Education and What Do We Offer?

Jeff and Nancy believe in the power of education and what it can do to influence a person to make better choices to stay on the road to great health. We realize that education does not necessarily change behavior; however, it certainly has an influence, without which will make it nearly impossible to make informed decisions to gaining health.

We believe in the benefits of Health Education so much that we have agreed to open our home to any who would want to come and learn.

> We recognize that Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things, including our bodies, and that He alone is our Great Physician and Healer. We acknowledge that we are here as His hands and feet, and ask that He will speak His Words through us so that we may rightly direct you in your personalized program. We begin each day with quiet time with Him inviting Him to be a part of our family and our daily activities. We ask for His guidance and blessings in each and every treatment, and trust that He is blessing our efforts and the guest on whom we are working. We give Him all praise and honor for any improvement that is made.

> We will work together as a family and are here for you to meet your needs as far as possible. Please feel free to talk with us, ask us questions, critique us, and make suggestions at any time that you are here. You will become a temporary member of our family and will be participating in your own treatments and food preparation. Your responsibilities will extend to the normal family routine of cleaning up after your self, keeping your room and bathroom cleaned, and assisting in other small housekeeping tasks as needed.

> We will attempt to keep as close to the schedule as possible so that everything of great importance to your healing will be accomplished. We recognize that there are challenges that come up daily that may throw off the schedule, but we will deal with them on an individual basis. Recognize that we are flexible and can bend with the challenges.

> Sunday will be a day of introduction, getting acquainted, filling out forms, and review of the week(s) ahead, as well as a colonic, if indicated.

> We encourage a substantial amount of water with fresh lemon and or mint to be consumed during the entire time to keep flushing the body of toxins.

> Daily walking is important to get the fresh air, sunshine, and circulation improved in your body.

> A Steam Cabinet treatment is recommended several times during the week as it has been shown that heating up the body to a certain temperature can destroy viruses and bacteria.

> A 10-minute Contrast Shower followed by a friction rub is also recommended daily in the evening to therapeutically challenge the body and to relax it.

> A Therapeutic or Relaxing Massage will be offered at no charge once weekly. If more massages are desired, an extra donation of $50/hour will be appreciated.

> Rebounding is important to improve the flow of lymph in the body and to remove toxins. It is recommended to do this on a daily basis as much as tolerated, starting slowly at first then increasing in intensity.

> We believe in many different modalities, which will help the body heal. We will use a combination of, but not limited to, herbs, diet and nutrition, the 10 laws of health, physical therapies, such as massage, hydrotherapies, such as the Steam Cabinet and Contrast Showers, and Vibrational Medicine. The Energy Wellness Machine is an integral part of this program. It produces micro currents, which will help balance the body’s energy levels, among other benefits.

> Other modalities available upon request include the CHI machine, Far Infrared Dome, foot massage and/or footbath, inversion table, and special herbs for special needs.

> There will be free time in each day for self-education with the free use of our library of video, audio and books.

> Internet usage is available for guests during free time.

> Although our methods seem to be “shot-gunning”, considering the relatively short period of time allotted to us for education, we wish to do as much as possible to aid the body in self-repair.

> An example of self-healing: Consider if you cut or inured your hand; would you subject that injury to dirt, bacteria and other things? Would you continue to injure the same site repeatedly? Would you continue to rub it in the dirt or otherwise contaminate the site? Of course not! You would do everything in your power to cleanse the wound, dress it, bandage it and make sure that the same injury doesn’t occur until the body has had time to self-repair. There is no difference in the cut in the hand or of a disease of the body. They both need the same type of care in order to provide an opportunity for your body to self-repair. God designed that system to function in that way. God gave us a brain with a lot of common sense to know what to do. In addressing a disease, one simply needs to remove the cause, whatever that may be, and the body will do the rest.

> This is God’s Plan. In fact, to facilitate the body’s repair, God has given us an abundance of fresh food, herbs, water, air, an opportunity to rest, etc. Our goal is to encourage you to take advantage of these wonderful gifts from God.

To Summarize what we offer:

* Dozens of various DVD’s, books, videos, to learn from while here.
* Hands on training in the field of cooking and uncooking that will give you tools to take back with you to your home.
* A variety of simple natural remedies that play a huge part in healing and improving general health.
* Modalities you can use while here and purchase to use at home
* Custom tailored classes on a variety of subjects, which can be as short as 4 hours to as long as 2 weeks, depending on the needs.
Contact us for more information. Come see us with an open mind and a willing spirit.


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