Health Education Detox Program

Overview of the Liver Cleanse Week

Week 1 – Schulze’s Five-Day Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse Schedule

Basic Program

> Liver Flush will be made fresh each morning and blended thoroughly. 

> A special Detox Tea is consumed during the day 

> Tinctures are given in fresh apple juice or grape juice. An ounce is sufficient followed by an ounce of juice.

> Superfood is a dry blend of many greens not just Barley or Wheat, but we use a variety of products to increase energy and improve the immune system.

> Potassium Broth – Made from organic fresh veggies.

> We found that we were not hungry on this Cleanse, so we didn’t want to eat anything. But if you are hungry, you can drink the Potassium Broth in between tinctures or fresh veggie juices.

> It’s important to go into the cleanse and come out of it on just raw fruits and veggies. Day 1 and 5 eat fruits in the morning and veggie salad in the afternoon.

> Eat no solid food on Days 2,3,4

The other cleanse we use for the liver is designed to remove stones that we didn’t know we had.

Week 2 – The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse

> This is an amazing cleanse to rid the liver and gallbladder of stones that have been created and stored for years. The results have been fantastic. It’s amazing how much better one feels when this is over. It’s also fascinating to see what comes out!

> This cleanse begins the week after a colon cleanse, which is recommended before coming here using special herbs.

> This particular cleanse is simple and non-threatening, and easy to do.

> It involves:

o 6 days of drinking one quart of organic apple juice during each day

o On the evening of the 6th day, you will be giving 6 ounces of Epson salt water twice, then a cup of grapefruit juice and olive oil before retiring.

Liver Stones

o The next morning you will have another 2 doses of the Epson Salts water; then . . . let the cleanse begin!

o Amazing results all during the day. You will be staying close to home, and the bathroom.

> Reference book: The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse by Dr. Andreas Moritz

> We recommend you get and read this book. There is very helpful information in it.


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