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unCooking Schools with a Plant-Based Program


Jeff and Nancy present a bridge from the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is slowly killing so many Americans, to the Ultimate Heavenly Diet, which we will be eating in Heaven in the company of Heavenly Beings; so why not start now?

In their classes they give the attendees an opportunity to hear, see, and taste the alternatives to the SAD and give them reasons to make informed decisions and changes in their lives. The Riedesel’s approach in their cooking schools is very unique to most typical schools of cooked and prepared foods. Their specialty is preparing foods in as natural a state as possible for the greatest health benefits, at a lowest cost, and base it all on the Bible and inspired writings. Therefore, they do not teach “cooked” foods per se, but mostly raw, living, dehydrated and sprouted foods, all plant based, and show how easy it is to incorporate more of these into the daily diet.

Be advised that they DO NOT teach that we must eat 100% raw foods. They mainly show how to be more creative in adding delicious raw foods into our diets, which nearly all agree will give greater health benefits.

Day 1 – covers general information and benefits of the total Vegetarian Diet, highlighting raw foods.

Day 2 – focuses on Sprouting, the benefits of it and ways to incorporate the healthy sprout into our everyday diet, presenting simple nutritious lunch ideas and condiments.

Day 3 – demonstrates Dehydration, the benefits of it and how to substantially save money while creating a plethora of simple but healthy foods.

Day 4 – demonstrates some main food ideas and some of their favorite healthy Desserts.

Each day they will speak on the benefits of raw, live and sprouted ways of eating, giving life, health and energy to our basically sick and tired lives.

Here are pictures of some of the colorful raw and live foods that we fix and demonstrate in our seminars. Recipes are in our cookbooks.

Double Click a picture to see a larger version.

The cooking school will be mostly demonstration with some lecture and time for questions and answers. There will be a food tasting with ample samples after the demonstration.

Basic Needs To Be Provided By Host

* 2-3 Assistants in the Kitchen to help with preparation 3 hours prior to cooking school, for setting up trays, assisting during demos, and clean-up
* Helper to set up the room
* Helper to register people
* Helper to sell books (We’ll bring books and cookbooks to sell)
* Helper is needed to set up and decorate the serving table
* Demonstration Table – standard 8′ table near the kitchen
* Table for Resource Books, and one for Sale Books
* Paper/plastic plates and plastic ware for tasting
* Paper cups for water
* Serving bowls, plates, cooking utensils
* Suggest a minimum of 30 people to register at $100/person ($25/class) or $150 per couple. Encourage couples. (Turn no one away who wants and needs to come.)
* Set up chairs for attendees
* Our Charges to the church/group requesting: $400/class/night plus expenses
* Expenses: food and other miscellaneous items for demos.
* Total cost could be: $1600 – Lecture/Demo fee for 4 nights of class
* $300 – Approximate food expenses
* Travel @. 45/mile RT plus motel and other miscellaneous expenses if we drive. Plane fare if we fly.
* (30 paying people @ $100/person = $3000 – which equals little outlay of expenses to the church or host group. A couple would pay $150, but only one set of handouts per couple.)
* Grease board, black board or large paper pad on tripod for illustrations
* A place to stay close by, and an adequate room for the classes with kitchen facilities, where we can prepare the foods and demo, depending on the number of people coming to the classes.
* This could be a great community project by inviting the community. We have found that people will appreciate and show more interest in a program that they have to invest in.

Please Contact us with any questions or comments. We are flexible and willing to hear suggestions


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