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Find and enjoy the secrets of a healthy life...

Your journey begins here!

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Ten simple signposts

The beauty of these Ten Simple Signposts is they give you clear direction on your journey to good health.

Health Education

We believe in the power of education and what it can do to influence a person to make better choices to stay on the road to great health.

Chef Training Education

Tired of not knowing what to cook or how to prepare a healthy raw/living foods meal for you and your family; or are you having a dinner party and don't know what to fix? Click here to find out how.

Fresh Ideas From Our Kitchen

Our cooking schools are varied with demonstrations, lectures and time for questions and answers. Ample samples will be shared. Each are tailored to the needs of the requesting organization.

Thoughts from our Hearts and

Recipes from our Kitchen

Ways to Make Your Body More Alkaline

To replenish and sustain your proper alkaline and acid reserves, try to eat 80% of your foods from the alkaline list and 20% from the acid forming list of organic […]

Ten Tips for Easier Weight Loss

If you’re going to get to a healthy weight, ask yourself these 10 questions first!
To be clear, there are many reasons why people put on extra body weight, including under-active […]

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